8 dimensions

there’s probably an infinite number of dimensions/realities. we just have to at least start thinking beyond 4 all the time.

our human consciousness consists of the fundamental building blocks of thoughts & feelings. reality has fundamental building blocks too.

matter is constructed of varying amounts of electro-magnetic force. combined they create electromagnetism. look around you

3 space dimensions (length, breadth & height), 1 time dimension, 2 consciousness (thought/feeling) 2 energy dimensions (electric/magnetism).

so one can say an object exists in 8 dimensions. space (3), time (1), electromagnetism (2 = 1), thoughts/feeling (2). 8 realities/dimensions

since consciously observing something affects the particles that something is made of. thought & feelings can be 2 dimensions affecting things

thoughts and feelings are part of one’s consciousness. so to an extent one can say one’s thought & feeling affects a subatomic particle.

perception is a muhfucka


so i told you how something can exist in 7 dimensions/realities and reality you might think you’re seeing something only in the 3rd dimension

electric energy and magnetic energy are 2 more and thought is another dimension an object exists in. that’s 7 planes of reality

…thought itself is a dimension. so again, an object has many realities/dimensions it exists in. space which is 3. time is 4…

in other words, observing a particle affects what it does. without us being able to predict where it goes. so in a sense…

when fucking around with subatomic particles, the consciousness of the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.

these 2 energies combined create a whole new energy. electromagnetism. this force holds objects together. it’s a dimension

dimensions are measurable variables that affect the existence of “objects” so electric energy & magnetic energy are 2 energies

love is all

love is all that is. the spark. and love consciousness created something. so it could see itself reflected back.

love was the Big Bang. love created the Other. and the Other is our universe. where we get mOther.

love put so much of itself in The Other that it now needed to merge with The Other in order to have e-motion. this is love Energy in Motion.

Love & the Mother now had so much love when they merged, that they wanted to create something else to reflect back to them.

the merging created a new form, with masculine & feminine polarities. and different densities.

this was all happening, in the beginning.

the Father + the mOther = a new form.

god Father (love). god Mother (the Other). their merge created children of “god”. a new density of this amazing twin flame merger.

a seed of positive male energy appears in the negative & a seed of negative female energy appears in the positive.

all complementary. fulfilling The Law Of One. All That Is.

we’re all threads from one sack. all living things are. The Divine Whole.

we descended here. from a different density. to experience this Maya. and Maya…means illusion.

we’re not bodies with souls. we’re souls with bodies, experiencing this dimension.

our purpose in every incarnation is just soul progress. das it b.

love consciousness individualized itself in each of us. to experience itself in a different density. this 3D.

then love consciousness and the Other made us forget. so we can find our way back home. see?

we transduce the light called love that we came from. to experience all of this here.

love consciousness is astral light. too strong. too fast. too rapid a frequency to experience itself at a 3D speed.

that’s why we’re a lower frequency. it’s why you can touch, taste, hear, see, smell. that’s all 3D. so is ego.

all…translators. transducers for us. it’s like going to another country, not speaking the language & using a tool that translates for you.

the same way 110 volts won’t work in Europe if i take my American appliance. so i need an electricity transducer/converter. to use 220 volts

i connect with my original state through my chakras with techniques. it’s how I get my energy from my higher self. how i “chat” with it.

what created me, and everything around me, is like an electricity that i use, either constructively or destructively.

it’s why I have free will. to choose how i use my “channeled electricity”.

for a gift to be useful, it must be accepted.

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