ECHO is a Dominican emcee that incarnated in New York City and migrated to Los Angeles several years ago.

He has visions for what a better world looks like and he plants these visions into his music so that he can reach billions of people on Earth, which will hopefully help change the world as we all know it for the better forever. He’s a budding theoretical physicist, a philosopher, a conspiracy theorist, activist, and spiritualist that incorporates everything he’s ever learned and/or channeled about this universe and our world, into his music. He feels it’s his mission/duty to help awaken as many people as possible to what our most probable true reality is even if they don’t think they’re asleep or don’t care, and to always question everything.

He was in a group called S.P.I.K. Click with his hometown buddies from Washington Heights and eventually went solo dropping his first solo mixtape and music video called “QBX Anthem” in 2003. Shortly after that he moved to Los Angeles where he hooked up with local underground producers to develop a fresh, new sound…a sort of mashup of his NYC flow over West Coast beats. This led to songs such as “Letter To Barack” and “Hip Hop High” produced by X-Man of the VJC’s the latter becoming his first music video shot in LA shot by Juleunique. He dropped his first EP called “Repetition Of Sound” in 2011, which had production from well known LA producers such as Jansport J, Curtiss King, King Trax, TBD Productions, among others. The EP’s success manifested a two year mini-tour all over LA in all of the hottest hip hop venues such as The Airliner, 2nd Street Jazz, The Terrace, and the world famous Whiskey A Go-Go on Sunset Blvd.

All of this hard work ultimately earned him a spot on the M.I.R. Hip Hop Festival in Moscow, Russia in March 2011 in front of 80,000+ screaming hip hop fans. He performed alongside B.O.B., Eve and the legendary Ice Cube.

Upon his return from Russia, he landed the front cover of a brand new online urban e-mag BSQ Magazine, together with an in-depth feature. Around this time Jonathan Hay of Hoopla/Death Row Records took notice of ECHO’s track record and online presence and signed him to Hoopla/Death Row/WIDEawake/eOne Music. After recording a few songs for them, ECHO decided that the indie artist route was a better fit for an emcee with his kind of message and vision.

ECHO then released his second project since moving to Los Angeles called “100th Monkey” in June 2013 and on it he decided to let it all out, as far as being more of himself and rapping about how he sees the world now, and where he hopes to see it going. This album garnered critical acclaim, and opened many eyes to who ECHO really is, so much so that platforms such as Homegrown Radio, The B-Side, etc., invited him on for some unforgettable interviews, and live on-air performances.

ECHO took some time off from recording music and performing after his beautiful baby girl Ocean was born in January 2014, but he came back strong several months later with two brand new songs called “Nutshell” and “REINCARNATION”, followed shortly by another one of his visionary songs called “Quantum Physics” which is accompanied by a creative and very unique music video. This song got the attention of The Source magazine, which did a feature on the song and music video.

He dropped several singles after Quantum Physics including “Real Talk”, “We’re All One”, “8”, “Nod Ya Head”, “Tesla”, “Mars” & “BeastMode” for which he also shot music videos. Since then he’s released songs and videos like “Wavy”, “Ay Coño”, “Sorry Post”, “Ta Da Ta Daa”, “Mafmatics”, etc.

He is always sharing everything he’s gone through and learned on his own personal website, his Twitter and Instagram accounts, his songs, published books, blogs, music videos, v-logs, etc. Join the movement.


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