Embrace This Wave

Well….2017 is almost over.

I have a feeling 2018 will go down as one of the most crazy years politically that this country, or world, has ever seen. This year we’ve seen an incredible amount of fuckshit. Not just politically but in media, sports, movie industry, etc., but especially in politics if you’ve been paying attention. Fuckboy (this is what I’ve called Trump since he stole the election) really went off the deep end several times. So many times I won’t even bother mentioning them all here. There’s fact-checked lists on all of his fuckups all over the internet, you can find them.

The way I see it, he’s going down. I don’t know if that means he’ll have to step down due to all of the allegations about him being true, or if it means the Republican party will have no choice but to remove him from office, or if he’s impeached by Democrats, or if someone’s going to murder him. Either way, I think the important thing to look at now is what we’ll do after he’s gone. Are we going to go back to the simple 1 leader leading 300,000,000+ people? We’re going to keep relying on this broken, unfair, falsely democratic system to continue being what rules America? I think it’s time for change.

We can already see, as I’ve explained a million times online, the exponential growth of technology taking our society to places our minds can barely keep up with, and this doesn’t include all of the secret technology the shadow government has that we don’t even know about. It’s time we use the Internet in the smartest way possible right here right now. The Net Neutrality issues are an obvious sign from the universe itself telling us that we have to expand it, not contract it, because it’s what we need to fully have the government we’re supposed to have. When people talk about horizontal leadership, it’s the contrary to the kind of vertical hierarchy political system we have now and have had for hundreds of years. This 3 branch system with its leadership structures plainly sucks and is outdated.

The Internet is something that finally links us instantly no matter where we are on Earth in real time. This is the only thing that would’ve been necessary for us to have a system where everybody participates and the system is reliable and breakdowns analysis in mere seconds. There is nothing standing in the way of every single human being in every country and every city voting on things that directly affect their lives in their community. The same way that the only thing causing famine and hunger is money, not lack of food…it can be said that the only reason every single human being can’t be connected to the Internet is money, not lack of technology or product.

Technology is everywhere and nowhere, the same way electricity and water is all around us at all times even when we’re oblivious to it. Every single country or city can govern itself however it sees fit with horizontal leadership, meaning every single human in any area can participate in their local laws, policy, where money goes, food distribution, etc. It can be done painlessly with not much time lost and the reward is feeling more involved and connected with what’s going on in the world around you. Everybody can be provided with the Internet anywhere.

We’ve got to embrace EVERY single thing that anybody comes up with regarding technology replacing human labor and advancing our natural born abilities and reach. We have to stop fighting it, or shitting on it, or doubting it. This is the wave of the future and we’ve got to get with it if we’re going to be part of the future. Let technology redefine how we vote, what we vote on, when we vote, and who votes. There’s a reason that C-SPAN looks and sounds how it looks and sounds. It’s to bore you and make you disinterested while the bullshit that doesn’t really matter is glitzy, flashy with ticker symbols scrolling and giant graphics and loud music. There’s a reason all of the things on Earth that control all societies (money, politics, taxes) are all presented in such a way to intimidate and/or bore you, yet all of these things are the foundations to the stupid system of capitalism and consumption that we allowed to be put in place.

Technology is giving us 3D printers, self-driving cars, automated factories, self checkouts, online shopping, drone deliveries, surgeries by robot, virtual reality, solar power, new money, etc. It is what will change politics and stops all of the fuckshit we’ve had going on forever, from going on forever.



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