How I Want To Fix The World

The 5 institutions that run life/world/reality:






Maybe not in that order, but THIS is what runs our global society and the societies within it. 

Think of the world as a car. How a car has specific parts that make it move. The world has parts that make societies move. These 5 things are those specific parts.

Now let’s break each one down:

Family institution is where learning begins.

Education is where Family learning continues in schools & universities and is run by the Government.

Economic institutions are the different currency systems and where tools of value are created.

Religious institution is where one’s sense of mortality usually first comes from (also can be where Spirituality starts or springboards to) and also where one’s concept of God sort of begins.

Governmental institution is obviously where the agencies created to develop & implement rules are, and also how entire societies “talk” to each other.

This being said, it seems as if every major institution we have piloting the world is currently a toilet. Now, there’s obviously sub-institutions like the Entertainment institution (media, Internet, etc.) and under the Government institutions there’s social services like Health, Environmental, Postal, etc.) but even that is in the toilet. We are facing a major point in human history where we either are going to change all of these 5 things or we’re doomed.


Family is fucked up. Probably more single parent homes than ever now, so the $ struggle in that home is real, unless you fucked someone rich & got alimony. Income equality affects this in terms of both parents needing to be out working full-time jobs + part-time jobs, so they need childcare so the children are then semi-raised by another entity, sometimes governmental as far as daycare (where indoctrination starts early).

Education is fucked up. Student debt is in the trillions almost higher than our National Debt. Free education exists in other countries, but still somehow not in the most democratic country on Earth.  Not to mention, the major curriculum in all schools date back to the British Empire/Victorian era of the late 1800’s, and critical thinking is suppressed daily in most schools. The objective is to produce employees, not thinkers.

Economic is fucked up. We’re at the biggest period of income inequality in history which is mostly where the Occupy was born from, and partly what Black Lives Matter is about. New cryptocurrencies are attacked by media, government, skeptics, etc., and these new mining currencies are simply trying to pave a new way free.

Religion is fucked up. Extremists within the 2 biggest religions on Earth have forever corrupted/tainted religions forever bruh. In Catholicism/Christianity you have the biblical allegories purposefully and mistakenly taken as fact, child molestation like crazy in churches all over the world for many years, not to mention the KKK and The Crusades. When it comes to Muslim there’s the historical wars in the sand between the different Islamic sects and of course the right-wing extremist terrorist groups misusing Islam to murder & pillage, like ISIS, the Taliban, etc.

Government is fucked up. Look at who the president is, how he was elected, Russian hacking, the surveillance on citizens by our own government, purposefully created wars for money, defense contracts, land, resources, control, etc., not to mention how archaic, antiquated and limiting the structure of our political system is offering illusions of choice based on duality tactics for divide & conquer purposes. It’s been the same since Ancient Greece dude.

Even if you focus in on the sub-institutions that the 5 major ones run like entertainment/media, social services like health, mail, etc.. it’s all FUCKED up. Just look at media. News is all fucked up. Truth is called fake and fake is truth. Movies and music? Look who/what kind of movies or music “artists” are hot, popular, and supported by the masses, by the youth. It’s a joke. It’s remakes of old great movies, or destroy the planet flicks and the hottest rappers are promoting lean drinking, molly and percoset popping and committing suicide. Healthcare is fucked. Everybody has cancer or died from it and cures are suppressed for monetary gains by the few. The mail & DMV? Those have been a joke forever. Environment?! The president rebukes science lol! They’ve cut space programs, the arts, Medicaid, etc. Protests are comedic rituals. Call a senator? Pa que? What will they do?! People’s civil rights are violated constantly, cops still kill innocent black and brown people and women are always under attack by men whether it’s by individuals or groups in government.

Top to Bottom we need a complete overhaul of the 5 main institutions that run the world. The car needs new parts badly or we move nowhere.

I have possible replacements/modifications for ALL 5. Let’s see if offering the following solutions opens eyes a little bit more to what I’ve been saying for so long.


Family – this all begins with a conscious decision by people of this generation to make better decisions about bringing children into this world, and getting the help they need before taking on the responsibility of becoming a parent. This begins with earlier honest education in schools on certain family subjects like child development, sexual education, etc., and also for people to seek counseling to heal certain emotional wounds that prevent them from being emotionally healthy enough to raise a child. These both take a lot of undoing of the current methods we’ve been taught (wiring) but, it is possible. There also has to be a change in the cost of living standard across the board so that parents don’t have to go to work as much and they can have an opportunity to be home more, so they can raise a child properly and be more hands on with the child’s development.

Education – time to take the ability to make money out of this dynamic. Fuck these old structures of classrooms and subjects and fuck these charter schools popping up owned by people like Diddy or Pitbull. We need to look into the new wave of modern education, while also embracing technology. Critical thinking, asking questions and being wrong need to be celebrated, not punished. We also need to do away with all tests. It”s been proven that when certain chemicals produced by stress/fear enter the brain, one’s ability to think clearly or retrieve information within the brain is stifled. The system is already setup for people to fail.

In 1999, Sugata Mitra’s pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organized learning to the public’s attention. From this idea, Sugata created the Self-Organised Learning Environment, or SOLE, which can exist anywhere there is a computer, Internet connection, and students who are ready to learn. In a SOLE, students are given the freedom to learn collaboratively using the internet. An educator (not teacher) poses a Big Question and students form small groups find an answer. This is one way to begin deviating from the old norm and start producing thinkers, innovators, creators and not drones, pegs, employees.

Economic – since the world is divided up between only capitalist and socialist societies, I’ll focus here on capitalism since it’s the dominant economic force where I live. It’s fucked up. We gotta change it. You see the damage it does to people’s lives, and how it’s gotten us to the point where the majority of people in society are struggling and only a tiny few are living the good life. The dollar was chosen to become the monetary unit for the USA in 1785. The Coinage Act of 1792 helped put together an organised monetary system that introduced coinage in gold, silver, and copper. Paper notes or greenbacks were introduced into the system in 1861 to help finance the Civil War. It’s 2017. Seriously? I think it’s time for a new way. Now, my ideal solution would be to continue to automate society at an exponential rate to where at least 97% of society is freed from all manual labor and the only real “workers” are the programmers and monitors of all of the automation running businesses. We’re far from there, so for now I’d say let’s just start simplifying the way to understand the currency mining programs called cryptocurrencies which are built on decentralized peer-to-peer networks, meaning no government regulation (they hate that!). These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, zCash, Dash, Ripple, etc. This will also ne helpful for our new government model, as you’ll see later.

Religion – As I stated above, the belief by so many people that the ancient scriptures were to be taken literal is the first major problem that ripples into so many of the other problems with organized religions. Yes, in some instances there are some truth nuggets in all religions, and things that help one navigate through life, of course. But overall, religions have done some horrific things on Earth. So a replacement for religion, in my opinion, would be to help people lean towards the different spiritual practices that help us all face inward, into ourselves more. Things like in Baltimore public schools where they’ve started the Mindful Moment Room, where children practice meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and increase focus. Things like teaching about yoga instead of gym and quantum physics taught a lot earlier in school, so that children understand concepts like quantum entanglement, the double-slit experiment, the aether, etc. All of these concepts and others would possibly broaden a child’s mind and possibly help them become a more empathetic, involved adult in society.

Government – we’ve obviously had this system in place for way too long. Millions of people following a single leader doesn’t really work, and it’s an ancient concept. We have the ability to communicate with each other in real time globally on a mass scale (the Web), so there’s no reason we can’t all be involved in decisions that run the planet, especially the equal distribution of the world’s resources. Everything on this planet is our common heritage and we all should reap the benefits that the planet offers. That idea is limited by the governments/corporations that we’ve allowed to run the countries and hoard wealth & resources on Earth. We’ve had the same structure, format of government here since 1776. Really yo? Time for a change. I say we take the pieces we’ve learned from all of protest movements and periods of social change (Civil Rights, Black Panthers, Women’s Rights, Gay Marriage, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Podemos, 5 star Movement, Umbrella Movement, etc.) and use that knowledge to have technological versions of things like Occupy movement hand signals which were a group of hand signals used by Occupy Wall Street protesters to negotiate a consensus, or economic boycotts as done by women for their rights or gays for theirs, or the use of garnering celebrity support by bloggers like Deray, Shaun King etc..

We also need to realize that the best method for arriving at solutions of any kind has always been the Scientific Method (a problem is identified, relevant data is gathered, a hypothesis is made from this data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested by experiments) and that knowledge coupled with the embracing of technology would allow us all to have automated machines harvesting and utilizing the Earth’s natural resources in the most sustainable manner possible, and redistributing them globally then locally. We can govern ourselves with minimal governance.

For years I, and others, proposed a network of local exchange trading systems (also local employment and trading system or local energy transfer system; abbreviated LETS) which is a locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprise that provides a community information service and records transactions of members exchanging goods and services by using locally created currency, which for the purposes of this article can mean cryptocurrencies. LETS groups allow people to negotiate the value of their own hours or services without government or Federal Reserve intervention.

We need local cooperatives and community-owned companies for food distribution. It is simply stupid for food to be grown in one area and sent long distances to other communities while those communities then send their produce in the other direction. Food cooperatives gotta have the role of collecting the food from local farmers and growers and distributing this to the local shops and markets. This can also all be done by automation with little to no manual labor. We can also support vertical farming for urban areas. To be truly responsive to local needs, these cooperatives should be controlled by representatives of ALL the community, not only the farmers and growers. We will require community organizations, again with all views and needs represented, to coordinate the production and distribution of the necessities of life to everyone in their community.

These community organizations can ensure that no-one goes without food, warmth, clothing, and shelter. This can be provided much more quickly and efficiently by local communities once they can control their own lives and be freed from the barriers presented by the current system to any form of activity that operates independently of its structure. These community economic cooperatives will also have the role of identifying the goods and produce imported into a community which could be produced locally. They will then seek ways to replace the imports with local production.

All of these things are possible because they’re already out there but, just need to be focused on. We can run all of this much better and in a way where we all have. You must be tired of seeing things get worse for many, especially if you’re a parent. We owe it to our children and ourselves to have a much more amazing world and it starts with fixing what’s broken and the 5 institutions I discussed here all suck right now but, if they’re fixed or we at least begin working on big changes, the effects would ripple into every single thing, including you in your living room.


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