“Pandemic” – The Music Video

“PANDEMIC” – Audio

I felt I had to do a song reporting about what I see happening right now as a message music maker and as a critical thinker that uses art to express myself. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE GIANNA TAYLOR FUND.

“Purple Pills”

This is the last installment of the Time Capsule series, “Purple Pills“. These are two collabs with two of my homies from NYC, Mers and Phenom. I put out five (5) tapes every Friday for five weeks… all freestyles.

“Yellow Pills”

On these two freestyles each beat splits so it’s like you’re really getting 4 freestyles in two!

“Green Pills”

This is the 3rd installment of my Time Capsule series, “Green Pills”. With this one you get two freestyles but, one of them splits into 2 beats so you really getting three joints here. Enjoy!

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