1. Hi, I saw your Tweet earlier about having a discussion online about solutions so wanted to see if you had any ideas for some mediums and ways to start making that happen/get involved. Thanks!

    • i can only speak for my website. I’d like ppl to leave comments indicating what they think would work as replacement systems or modifications to our current system, so we can start a discussion.

  2. Hey Echo, words can’t describe how fortunate I am to be able to follow such a great twitter account. I love your music and I love your goal. I’m chasing the same goal as you are.. even though I’m only 17 I’m learning everyday and you help a lot. My whole life revolves around this goal and I wanted to thank you for your time and all the knowledge and inspiration you’re spreading into the world. It would be awesome if you could follow me back and maybe have a conversation. I would appreciate that a lot. Namaste. Twitter: @lacayo44

  3. im a 20 year old & im a bit confused about a whole bunch of things i felt like you could help me put in plaze & puzzle together. obviously there is kickback. im a network marketer (no college education) for 20 hours a week so ican drastically increase who listens to your music & itd actually be fanbase being that it’d be intellectual listeners. thank you even if cant help me & keep grinding bro

  4. Hey I would like to talk to you about a wisdom that I know of that I know you would find very awesome since it correlates with what you are talking about. Contact me at my email. Peace

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