8 dimensions

there’s probably an infinite number of dimensions/realities. we just have to at least start thinking beyond 4 all the time.

our human consciousness consists of the fundamental building blocks of thoughts & feelings. reality has fundamental building blocks too.

matter is constructed of varying amounts of electro-magnetic force. combined they create electromagnetism. look around you

3 space dimensions (length, breadth & height), 1 time dimension, 2 consciousness (thought/feeling) 2 energy dimensions (electric/magnetism).

so one can say an object exists in 8 dimensions. space (3), time (1), electromagnetism (2 = 1), thoughts/feeling (2). 8 realities/dimensions

since consciously observing something affects the particles that something is made of. thought & feelings can be 2 dimensions affecting things

thoughts and feelings are part of one’s consciousness. so to an extent one can say one’s thought & feeling affects a subatomic particle.

perception is a muhfucka


so i told you how something can exist in 7 dimensions/realities and reality you might think you’re seeing something only in the 3rd dimension

electric energy and magnetic energy are 2 more and thought is another dimension an object exists in. that’s 7 planes of reality

…thought itself is a dimension. so again, an object has many realities/dimensions it exists in. space which is 3. time is 4…

in other words, observing a particle affects what it does. without us being able to predict where it goes. so in a sense…

when fucking around with subatomic particles, the consciousness of the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.

these 2 energies combined create a whole new energy. electromagnetism. this force holds objects together. it’s a dimension

dimensions are measurable variables that affect the existence of “objects” so electric energy & magnetic energy are 2 energies


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