Breakdown Of The System And The Machine



Ok, so when I talk about things like “The System” or “The Machine”, this is what the fuck I’m talking about. In my opinion, “The System” breaks down into the 3 following parts:

1. The Political System(s)
2. The Economic System(s)
3. The Media

To me, these 3 systems are the parts that make up The Machine. Each one of these things are responsible collectively, and sometimes individually, for the false reality, boundary and limits driven Matrix that we were all born into. It’s called The Machine because it’s this big “thing” that keeps running 24-7, with no breaks, pauses or stoppage.

Politics, Economics and Media are all aspects of a single force. (I tweeted about this same idea earlier this week, in regard to electromagnetism and a Unified theory. How seemingly separate things, are all actually one thing…just different parts of it.) The three above mentioned components are directly, or indirectly, responsible for the global education curriculum, societal peer pressures, dysfunctional families, most diseases, all wars, all racism, etc.

The Political System needs the educational system to program the youth, so that critical thinkers aren’t cultivated. If people everywhere were thinking critically, they’d realize that The Machine is only “alive” because of people’s acquiescence, apathy and subservience and The Machine can’t have people realize that. So, proper education isn’t fully given to people, i.e. barely half of real math is taught, on purpose, so that it’s hated/feared by people and they run away from true mathematics, which are ‘keys’ to the universe, and themselves. Science is not wholly taught, meaning physics could be taught way earlier to young children, and pseudo-science is mocked by the scientific community (think about who funds mostly all scientists, and you’ll know why). History that’s taught in school is totally twisted around and fucked up and is basically “a bad game of telephone”, and things like economics and how to be your own boss are never taught early, even though they run the world, etc.

I mean…don’t get me wrong, these 3 systematic parts above have also produced positive things like open platforms for ideas in some areas, sports, technology advancement, etc. See, if we were able to extract the “good” from the current system, and eliminate the “bad”, we might have something quite beautiful around here. The problem is, that the people that humanity has allowed to be in positions to run those 3 systematic parts mentioned above, are not very nice people. They have agendas. They have deep-seated issues. They are power hungry. They are control seekers. They are hoarders. They are also sadly misguided by their own families, in some cases.

If you’re reading this, please understand it’s up to you and I to help redesign or simply replace those 3 things up there, with better versions. The kind of versions that put the existence of anything that’s alive, as a top priority. The political system needs to be completely broken down, overhauled and built back up from scratch. With a new system that puts more of an encrypted “consensus type” online voting mechanism at the head of decision making, and a completely different looking form of governmental levels. One that starts at a community level, then goes to a neighborhood level, and so on, and so forth. Each level having representatives that actually are relatable to the people they claim to represent. If and when disagreements are encountered, violence isn’t on the table at all. Not when our mouths work. Not when there’s technology available that can transparently show what nature is actually providing for all of us resource-wise globally that can be divvied up fairly amongst all living creatures everywhere. Not when it’s known by everyone on Earth that there’s an illusion of scarcity that is perpetuated for the sake of the existence of No. 2, the economic system.

The economic system is sickening, when you take into consideration that actual cash money is only around 8% of the currency globally, and 92% of all money is just numbers on fucking screens. We can do better y’all. The disparity between the “have” and “have-nots” is widening and the “haves” don’t have anything that the “have-nots” don’t have (all humans are born with the same amount of consciousness), except for maybe being born into a certain gene pool, or getting help from someone within. The fact that Earth provides enough for all, but people sit in restaurants eating 8 oz. steaks, while a hungry homeless person sits against the glass window of that same restaurant looking in, is an abomination. This only happens because of the way No. 2 works. Some surveys have actually shown that being in the highest income bracket of your country will only make you 3.5%  happier than the average person. Other things matter in a world that actually cares about all living things.

Then of course, there’s the media system. Good ol’ No. 3. The entertainment animal, and mainstream media beast. You might be starting to see now how these 3 systematic parts mentioned above are intertwined with each other. The greedy fucks in politics, that need the overall system to stay exactly like it is, not change it, lest they lose their power, money and place in society are in bed with the economic system, which couldn’t survive unless the greedy fucks, and the consumers consuming, existed. Oh, and best believe that the military, police, judicial puppets, etc., all fall under the umbrella of No. 1, the political system. The media is fed, coddled, and adored by No. 1 and No. 2 because the media helps No. 1 and No. 2 by fucking with the billions of minds that are “tuned in” to television programming, and movie magic. These are where opinions are swayed, facts are twisted, lies are born, truths are hidden, and sheep are kept in the pen. A screen is the shepherd, and humanity is the flock. For example, the movie industry has one specific tool called “predictive programming” which is where the movie or TV show that people are watching is actually preparing their mind for a real event that will be taking place soon. No. 3 is where a lot of psyops were born and propaganda is practiced (after it was invented by Edward Bernays who was a cousin of Sigmund Freud! Go figure).

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” – Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

I already explained what needs to happen to No. 1, the political system.

So as far as No. 2, the economic system, we can exist without the currencies we have on Earth. Fuck that “we’ll never get rid of money Echo” bullshit. I’ve gone over the LETS program (see my blog post), and other systems of modern age ‘bartering’ that can be coupled with technology like 3D printing and fully automated factories, producing goods and services based on TRUE supply and demand. We don’t exist within an economic system based on supply and demand. If we did, explain every store shelf in every store in the world having something there. If we had supply and demand, there wouldn’t be one product on a shelf anywhere. It would be produced when there was a demand for it, that second. See?

And No. 3, the media needs to be much, much more balanced. We’re fed way too much garbage and formulated opinions as facts, in the media. Many films don’t portray the things we know to be true history, as authentically as they could. The news programs need to be more like “The Newsroom”, honestly. We all known that only 6 corporations control 90% of the media in America. That means, you’re not really getting a fair view of what’s happening out there. You’re getting what 6 companies want you to think. Now, think about who owns the corporations that own media conglomerates, then think about those guys having friends in the political system, then think about how all of these people love money. Help me, help you change all this.



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