Central Intelligence Agency


“School of the Americas”

1959: the US helped install “Papa Doc” Duvalier, the Haitian dictator whose factions killed over 100,000. shoutout Forrest Whitaker

1961: CIA Operation Mongoose attempted and failed to overthrow Fidel Castro. whaddup Cuba.

in ’61, they also assassinated the Dominican Republic’s leader Rafael Trujillo & assassinated Zaire’s democratically elected Patrice Lumumba

oh and let’s not forget how the CIA staged a coup against Ecuador’s President Jose Velasco in ’61 too. big year for the spooks.

in 63 the CIA was back in DR and Ecuador performing military coups, overthrowing Juan Bosch and President Arosemana. cold.

1964: CIA-funded/armed coup that overthrew Brazil’s democratically elected Joao Goulart, replacing him with Dictator General Castelo Branco.

1965: the CIA performed coups in Indonesia & Zaire and installed military dictators; General Suharto in Indonesia killed a million+ ppl

in 1967 a CIA-backed coup overthrew the government of Greece & in 1968 they helped capture Che’ Guevara in Bolivia. viva Che’

1970: CIA overthrew Cambodia’s popular Prince Sahounek & in 1971 they backed a coup in Bolivia and installed Dictator Hugo Banzer.

1973: the CIA assassinated Chile’s democratically elected Salvador Allende and replaced him with General Augusto Pinochet

you get the picture. let’s not mention the Osama and Saddam situations. Desert Storm. Martin Luther King Jr. Huey. Malcolm. etc.



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