Christianity, broken down


“Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Book of Luke is the Book of Leo. Luke is Latin for Lucius meaning Light and the House of Light is Leo the Lion. sun worship.

Book of Matthew or Matt is actually Maat, the Egyptian Goddess. Maat is almost always symbolized blindfolded holding the Scales of Justice. that relates astrologically to Libra.

Libra was the last sign officially added to the zodiac, which is why Matt was the last of the 12 to join.

Book of John is the Book of Aquarius. John is for January which is the month corresponding to Aquarius. when my daughter was born.

symbol for Aquarius is a man carrying/pouring a pitcher of water which is why we have “Baptism” and John the Baptist. see?

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.” ~ Thomas Paine

John 14:2 says that in the Father’s house there are many rooms or many mansions. yea, 12. the 12 houses or rooms of the zodiac.

Jesus’s life in the New Testament runs parallel to the allegorical understanding of the Sun’s journey through the houses of the zodiac bruh.

72 angels on Jacob’s ladder and the 72 nations in Genesis also relate to these 72 decans, 1 for every 5 degrees of the zodiac. paranatellons

and i been told you what Jacob’s Ladder REALLY is, as far as the ankh and the djed. seriously.

Confucious had 72 initiated disciples and Set had 72 accomplices in the death of Osiris. see how that works?

Jesus was born in a stable between a horse and a goat, symbols of Sagittarius and Capricorn. oh.

he was baptized in Aquarius, the waterbearer. he chose his first disciples, fishermen. Pisces. see? the sun. the son.

he became the “Good Shepherd” and the Lamb in Aries, the Ram. you don’t see this yo? lol

Jesus told the ppls about the sowing and tilling of the fields. as in Taurus, the Bull. bruh. what pulls a plow?

Luke 22:10: “Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water follow him into the house where he entereth in.”

house = astrological house or zodiac sign the sun is passing through

in Matt 14:17, Jesus feeds them with fish saying “We only have five loaves of bread and 2 fish.” Virgo = house of bread. Pisces = fish.

popes have always worn the “Ring of the Fisherman” & the Pope’s headdress has always been a fish head, from the side.


Pisces. fish. Jesus. sun worship. see? no? ok.

Pastor. Pa meaning great or father & Stor or Aster meaning Star. Minister and Ministry come from Min and Aster as well. see?

Min was the common ancient term and root of Moon and Aster, Stir, Stor all relate to Star. it’s where we get the word Minute, too.

think about a minute hand on a watch. the three hands of a watch relate to the three planets associated with time.

the slow hand is the hour hand, meaning Horus, the sun. the minute hand is for Min, the moon. see?

and the swift ticking hand is for Mercury, the planet which rotates fastest of all tree, both around the sun and on its own orbit.

the god Mercury is always depicted with wings on his shoes or feet, because he was the fastest. look at your watch now.

that’s the sun, the moon and mercury on your watch.


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