I’m always talking about lessons. The universe presents ppl with lessons, and that we’re all here to learn as much as possible and that there are certain lessons like learning how not to withhold love, learning how to embrace change, learning that there are no victims, etc.

I want to explain a little bit. There’s also tiny seemingly innocuous lessons all day that at first glance you wouldn’t even think are lessons. Ultimately, I think we can all agree that our sole goal is to be as happy as possible while we’re alive here. Happiness can come through stability, security, comfort, unconditional love, service to others and so on, and so on. 

One of the biggest lessons is learning how to be happy from within without there being a cause at all. In other words, the universe tests your ability and growth levels by throwing adversity at you, to see if you’re able to conjure up your own happiness despite your circumstances.

When you try a new food there’s a lesson in it. When you’re driving and choose one route over another, there’s a lesson learned. When your heart is broken, there’s a lesson to be learned.  Like I said, one of the biggest lessons of life is learning how to be happy from within without there being a cause or a reason to be. This lesson is constant and is to repeatedly learned because the universe knows that every soul’s goal is to be as close to constant happiness (can’t be happy 24-7 because that’s not the Whole) as possible.

You wouldn’t know what breathing air is unless you know what not breathing air is, which is one of your first lessons upon arrival into this frequency. You’re supposed to go through unhappiness at times so that you can get back to being happy eventually. We all know where constant unhappiness leads. 

I don’t believe in “I can’t help it” or “I’m not happy til I get what I want” or “I can’t make myself happy”. I’ll bet if you think about it you have more things in your life to be happy about than sad.

To get back to lessons, I do believe earth is a learning school and that almost every situation is a learning experience and that the universe is a big teacher testing us all the time, helping us get closer to a cool graduation. Don’t get me wrong…death isn’t the only graduation. There’s a lot of ceremonies throughout one’s life, each time you acknowledge that you learned a lesson or are learning a lesson. Whether someone you love has cancer, or you have HIV, or lost a limb, or got 6 bills in the mail, or got evicted, or failed a test, the lesson is how will you control this feeling of unhappiness these things are causing, so that you’re back to being happy on your own. 

In many ways, you have no choice. Well, you do but pressing the hard reset button is a last resort. That’s what my IT guy says.


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