my take on being…happy.


Since Pharrell killed it this year with his song “Happy” and that term seems to be circulating all throughout our society so much lately, I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents.

So, I believe some people live pretty much miserable or sad existences, and they have glimpses/moments of happiness from the external world, which gets them by for a few hours, days, weeks, etc. After awhile, that’s all they wait on.

I also believe that there are people that live overall happy lives, and experience glimpses of misery or “bad shit” that they deal with accordingly, as it comes.

To me there’s a BIG difference between the two because in one instance, a person is waiting all their lives for moments of happiness to get them through their constant misery, and then there’s a person who is almost naively happy most of the time, but knows at some point that “bad shit” is going to happen, and they know they’ll just have to deal with it, but still must remain happy.

I’ve heard the term “fake it ’til you make it” for years and I am realizing that it might be something I do, and have been doing for awhile, except that I’m at the point where I’m not faking it (or I’m in heavy denial, but I doubt it). A lot of people that meet me, or know me, tell me that I’m weird, odd, strange, whatever, because I can be so “Buddha-like” or seem so optimistic, even when I guess I’m supposed to feel depressed or be upset about something. It’s simple. I just decided one day that there was no point in allowing myself to be swept up by emotions (which are just internal chemical reactions), that I myself control. That I did not want to feel like a victim anymore, and that I could not allow a utility bill, a financial setback, a “lost opportunity”, etc., stop my entire day and worse yet, stop my overall inner joy.


I find that if there’s an inner turmoil deep inside of someone that has never really ever “stared at in the face” objectively, or tried to be resolved somehow, they’ll pretty much be “swimming in that muck” all of their lives. On occasion, life will throw them a life preserver or a floating device of some sort like found money, a stranger’s compliment, etc., so they don’t “drown”, but they’ll still be swimming in that muck and the people in this outside world will always be able to tell energetically, that they’re swimming in that muck. I believe that if this person is constantly waiting for the world outside of themselves to bring them these life preservers or floating devices, they’ll pretty much be drowning all of their lives. So when you see them existing, it’s as if they’re constantly gasping for air.

A happy person just decides one day “Fuck it, I’m going to be happy, because it feels better than not feeling happy” and that’s it. No matter what the world throws at you, you take a breath, and just fucking deal with it that moment, later that day, in a few days, whatever, but you don’t let the situation derail you mentally for 5 minutes, let alone an entire day. The situations/experiences in this world that are lessons whether the happy person deems them good, or bad, are not allowed to take over the happy person’s life for one second because being happy is what is important to the happy person. And being happy is what every human being, whether they want to admit or not, wants to be in life ultimately.

This goes back to what many people say, as far as the external comes from the internal. Anything that exists in the external world comes from the internal world first. The internal never comes from the external first. It doesn’t work that way yo. This includes a happy state of being. You can imagine your insides as being a shell, or a container. You can fill that container with as much “happy shit” from the outside world as you can possibly find, and that container will never really be filled. It’s because the container has to be filled from within, so that it stays perpetually filled…forever. Misery, is like a bunch of holes in the container, so no matter how much you fill the container with external happy, inevitably it will leak out and all that the person is left feeling, is the holes. If you repair the holes internally, and start filling it with your own happiness, it’ll stay filled and whatever external happiness comes your way, is a bonus. The container starts to overflow with happiness, and now you have some extra happy, to share with the rest of the world.

I guess I’m saying that I believe it’s a choice to live a miserable or sad existence, and to wait for glimpses/moments of happiness from the external world, to get one by for a few hours, days, weeks, etc. or one can live an overall happy life, and know that even if you experience glimpses of misery or “bad shit” to just deal with it accordingly, as it comes.

Which one do you think is healthy?



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