No Such Thing As Human Nature


let’s knock down this wall ppl have up, claiming there’s such thing as a…human nature.

ppl LOVE to say that that humans are inherently competitive, greedy and blindly self-serving. this is what i hear all the time.

and that this human nature is why the sort of world i describe with abundance, no money or need for ownership, cooperation, etc., won’t work

it’s defined as: “the shared psychological attributes of humankind that are assumed to be shared by all human beings”.

so i’m supposed to believe that we’re all supposedly born with some preset psychological inclinations? lol

there’s no such thing as human nature. there’s only human behavior.

what IS inherent in all of us is cooperation actually, not competition. because cooperation is what brought you into this world.

from ya parents fucking, to a room full of ppl helping deliver you into this world.

if you look at the historical record of the human species, we see wars, genocides, conquests and power abuses so i see why you’re misled

of course you think it’s human nature for all humans to inherently be competitive, greedy and blindly self-serving. but you’re mistaken.

it’s the the environment in which one is raised that determines this which is why human behavior exist. not human nature.

competitive, greedy and being blindly self-serving, are learned behaviors. they’re not inherent in all human beings.

Aztecs engaged in mass human sacrifice for their gods, killing tens of thousands at a time. was this criminal activity? to us maybe.

to them it was an accepted social custom. see how that works?

slavery was accepted socially once on this planet? today, it’s horrible to think of ppl owning slaves, right? see?

is a criminal someone who steals food in order to feed his starving family? or is the criminal the system making him do this?

geneticists have never found a gene responsible for competitive, greedy and blindly self-serving behavior in human beings.

but geneticists have found that neurologically, chemicals are produced of joy and love, when humans behave cooperatively.

THAT is inherent in us, because it’s how we fucking got here bro.

when someone talks to you about about human nature being competitive and greedy & we can never have a different world than this…

…tell them to shut the fuck up.

never ceases to amaze me how i can tell ppl that there’s a better system possible than the one you’ve existed in and it would help you…

…and their response is “not possible” without even researching that it actually IS possible and that everything they thought about ppl…

…is WRONG.

The Unselfish Gene – Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz

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