Question Everything


Look man, I don’t believe everything I read so I do not expect everyone who reads my blog posts or tweets to believe it all either. Shit…I HOPE I get feedback, commentary, challenges, etc.

But know this. Whenever I get an itch to know something or something seems odd…I dig deep. If i see a camera on a building that just looks out of place….I go inside and ask “who requested that to be put there” or “how long has that camera been there”, etc. If I see barbed wire that looks out of place on a government building where it shouldn’t be, I ask somebody in that building about it.

I remember driving one day way up north in Cali past Santa Barbara to see my girl’s Dad play piano, and in this tiny town off the water that looked like it had 20 people living in it there was a general store, post office, etc., and one Masonic Temple. THAT’S IT! Just sitting there amongst the barns, tumbleweeds and gift shops. Best believe I checked on what Chapter they were, and how long they were there.

If I see an exhibit with some peculiar finds in it in a museum halfway across the world…I may not be able to afford to fly to that museum and take a look at inscriptions and stuff in person, but I write them like crazy about sending me pamphlets, pictures and whatever other information they have to send me. I then dissect it all and make my own assertions as to what the hell this new exhibit has in it and where the dig was. I find out about who commissioned the archaeologists, what University they went to, who their parents were, etc.

Everything MEANS something and nothing “just happens”. I’ve certainly opened my own eyes on many occasions going off a hunch, when something looked out of place or felt odd. 9 times out of 10 the “link” that I feel exists there, is correct, and whatever drivel I was given by whoever, turns out to be false.

I am just saying don’t be naive but, at the same time use your god given baby naivete to question everything. There is nothing wrong with “why is the sky blue” questions. Eventually…you’ll know why it’s blue. FYI…a clear cloudless daytime sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light more than they scatter red light because the red spectrum is light is much farther away than blue. See? Helps to know things.


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