Star Wars

i fuck with atlanteans bruh. my homies from mu/lemuria, too.

them lemurians from the draco empire #nshit

them pleiadeans be partying hard on all 16 of their planets kid. like fareal. they crazy refugees b

all them dudes from the Lyran star system be partyi’ like that tho. that’s just how that asterism be

fuckin Atlans yo

them annunaki dudes from marduk be on that slave shit tho. cross the street when you see them dudes.

if it wasn’t for them sirians savin all those muhfuckas on marduk when it smashed into our galaxy…whoa

like…we wouldn’t eem be here prolly

annunaki. abbenaki. call em whatchu want b. they assholes

they did work with the nordics that one time. we benefited from that shit tho. can’t complain

if them deros folk was still around yo…it’d really be some shit right now. like wow

good thing they went underground wayback. but once in awhile they do pop up.

poor amphibians got attacked. like most mixed beings do tho huh? smh

them draconians were smart tho. i mean if i had to go underground for awhile, i’d make underground bases too nahmean?!

ever look in a dolphin’s or whale’s eyes yo? if you ever can, do it. like fareal.

the amphibians trained the dolphins & whales well to protect shit way down in the ocean before bouncin to titan.

them rigeleans were fucked up for creatin them greys tho. they always kidnapping ppl yo

but niggas in rigel work for the draconians anyway so i’d be mad too. lol

at least beings from that fifth planet between mars & jupiter that got smashed by Marduk made it earth & started sumer

sumer was much needed homie. i still remember my name there. enir nabu.

when them lemurians and atlanteans started gettin together is when that fuckin reptilian dna got all up in us yo.

yea they kinda put that slavery code in ppl that still exists today all over earth.

but hey as long as you control that r complex, you good. it’s hard AF tho

you gotta love how ppl flipped that story into a garden of eden and a snake. like…kundalini bro? coiled? i see you lol

when all them colonies popped up here from arcturus, sirius B, antares, etc., shit started gettin hella wild.

when atlantis sank niggas ran & started tribes. khem. celts. indians. hebrews. etc

how many tribes of israel again? oh. and how many earth frequencies? how many knights of round table? months? oh.


you know this is one big ship right? ok.

i mean, you know amphibians were designed by the ohalu.

12 races in the lyran civilization. see?

shit i mean we all heard of androgynous looking people right? lemuria.

we only use 2 strands of DNA. when you start unlocking that shit & get past 12…look out.

a lot of the moons in our solar system are really giant observatories and labs. don’t sleep.

sirians got labs on mars. draconians on venus. amphibians on neptune. pleiadeans on a buncha jupiter moons.

i mean, you know jupiter got 62 moons right? ok

yo if these draconians smash a moon into jupiter & explode that shit, we’ll be a binary star system. too trill.

when atlantis sank dudes ran & started tribes. khem. celts. indians. hebrews. etc.



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