the Whole

Whole Earth Back Cover 1969

all consciousness and energy was once fused into an integrated whole.

this fusion came from multiverses separated by a Planck length.

when two multiverses touched…Big. Bang.

this Whole was aware of aspects of itself, but in a different way from individualized consciousness.

see, in Earth’s present development the self is recognized first, then society, and finally, maybe, the Whole, or what ppl call, God.

this is no bueno. know why? because separation from the Whole, is an illusion.

this illusion is a tool that provides the Whole with all the necessary lessons and challenges it needs.

it needed to forget it was once the Whole, so it can freely experience shit, in order to reintegrate back into the Whole, when it’s done learning.

before this fragmentation from the Whole, the Whole existed in another octave of dimensional reality bruh

portions of the Whole ‘wondered’ what it would be like to fragment & temporarily forgot integrated existence.

what ppl call “creation”, is the fragmentation i’m talmbout.

the Whole’s initial curiosity about a fragmented existence actually created reality itself, as we know it.

each soul, is a fragment of the Whole. it gave itself amnesia, AND freewill. if it were able to remember it was the Whole, it wouldn’t learn.

we’re each, and every living thing that has ever existed, part of the Whole.

we are “God”. see? a piece.

fragments of the Whole are entirely responsible for their actions during this state of amnesia. that’s part of the masterplan to reintegrate.

every action taken by a fragment (a soul) generates a response from the universe. this is key.

instead of punishments for negative behavior, there’s the option of expanding one’s awareness. this way, wisdom erases karma b.

see, it’s not necessarily the destination that counts, but the journey along the way. this is key.


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