There Was No Christopher Colombus

Here’s a little story about a Goddess you might remember from school when you were learning Greek or Egyptian history. Maybe not. Either way, there are people today that know A LOT about her. Still worship her. Fuck with your head just to recognize her presence. Peep it…


Semiramis – (Sammu-Ramat)

(9th century B.C.E.)

Semi-legendary Assyrian Queen. Some legends have her raised by doves in the desert, born the daughter of the goddess Atargatis. Her first husband was said to have been the governor of Nineveh, Menones or Omnes. King Ninus of Babylon became captivated by her beauty, and after her first husband conveniently committed suicide, he married her. That may have been the first of his two biggest mistakes in judgment. The second came when Semiramis, now Queen of Babylon, convinced Ninus to make her “Regent for a Day.” He did so – and on that day, she had him executed, and she took the throne.

Her legend attracted not only the attention of Greek historians, but the attention of novelists, historians and other storytellers through the centuries since. Great warrior queens in history have been called the Semiramis of their times. Rossini’s opera, Semiramide, premiered in 1823. In 1897, the Semiramis Hotel was opened in Egypt, built on the banks of the Nile. It remains a luxury destination today, near the Museum of Egyptology in Cairo. Many novels have featured this intriguing, shadowy queen.

The symbol for this “serpent Queen” of Babylon became a DOVE by her worshippers in the Illuminati throughout history.

Connecting dots yet people? Try this on.

The surname Colombe was an occupational name for a keeper of doves or pigeons having derived from the Old French word colombe, which means dove. She is also known to be represented by bees or a beehive to symbolise the Queen Bee/Mother.

Columbe means Dove in French.

Still think people in power are “normal” like you and me? Think again. They worship and perform sacrificial rituals to their gods and goddesses depending on the type of Masonic/Illuminati worship they are involved in. And they use symbolism to mark territories and if you dont believe metake a look at this.

Who discovered America again? According to the lies, Christopher Columbus! Whose real name, if you check his genealogy, was Colon and he adopted the name Columbus. I wonder why. Here’s why.

The Captains Flag of Columbus, one of several that he flew. It has an F (Fernando) and Y (Ysabel), King and Queen of Spain, with a cross between the initials with royal crowns above the initials. This flag was not Christopher Columbus’ personal flag. The other flags that Columbus few were the Castile and Leon (flag of Spain with a serpent on it coincidentally!) and the Royal Flag of the Catholic Kings which was white with the coat of arms of the Catholic Kings.

What else do we have?

Oh yea, British, COLUMBIA in Canada right?

Washington D.C. (District of COLUMBIA) where our CAPITAL is right?


Founded in 1754 as King’s College by royal charter, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New York.


Columbia’s logo is the female personification of the USA, Columbia, holding a torch. Looks familiar huh? Can you say Statue of Liberty? And that came from France as a gift, right?? And Columbe means what in French again?? Dove? Exactly. Anyone see Semiramis in that depiction up there?


I wonder why those kids shot up THAT school and not Hoover High School or LaGuardia High School or some other high school. What a coincidence, huh?????? The Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado, near Denver and Littleton. Two teenage students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, carried out a shooting rampage, killing 12 fellow students and a teacher, as well as wounding 24 others, before committing suicide. It is considered to be the deadliest school shooting, and the second deadliest attack on a school in United States history. Several of the victims who were believed to have been killed for their religious beliefs became a source of inspiration to others, notably Christians, and led some to lament the decline of religion in public education and society in general.

They killed 12 people?? Wounded 24?? Can you say numerology people?? 2 boys involved?

Connect The Dots.



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