what Echo wants


I want a world where technology is used to make the world better, more than it’s used to make the world worse.

I want a world where the focal point of living is not working to make money to be able to purchase the things that every human being needs to live.

I want a world where there is no war, and whatever problems that arise are settled by conversations, and are amicably resolved.

I want a world where the masses are represented wherever they live by people put in representative positions, that have those masses’ best interests at heart.

I want transparency when it comes to the people of Earth knowing exactly where all of our natural resources are.

I want those natural resources to be used to help every single living thing on Earth and that the planet is not damaged for those resources.

I want the world’s main energy source to be solar or free of some kind, because the universe provides in abundance for all.

I want a world where we are not bombarded by nonsense so that we’re able to fully remember what we are, why we’re here and where we’re going.

I want a world where there are no “isms”, no money, little to no crime & no manual labor.

I want a world based on cooperation, and not competition. The only place competition is truly necessary, is sports. And life ain’t sports.




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  1. I have read through your posts and find them revolutionary. I feel somewhat inspired by this particular post. I don’t mean to hit you with a whole life story or some kind of bullshit like that but I’m about to start my freshman year of college and I’m not really sure what I want to do yet. I’m receiving lots of pressure from my parents to go out and pursue a career that will make me shit loads of money, as if money describes my worth I guess. I’m really passionate about physical fitness and health in general an feel like I could make significant impacts on peoples lives through this sort of career path. Of course, money is not as abundant in this industry compared to oil and gas and whatever other big industries that pay a lot. This post made me feel optimistic. I would appreciate your insight if you do wish to give me.. I don’t know some sort of advice? Lol thanks for reading my post if you’ve gotten this far. Just following your twitter has made a huge difference in my thought process and I think you deserve more recognition as a thinker/philosopher/visionary or whatever you want to call yourself. You deserve more recognition as a HUMAN

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