Consequences. Lessons. Forgiveness. Intuition.

the energy of fear, attracts like energy, and so what you fear becomes what you physically experience. see?

like…fear of being without money becomes the circumstances in which you are without money. think about it.

a strong fear of being alone, rejected or attacked all become that physical experience for you. it’s the law homies.

you created the present reality that you don’t like, so you can just as easily create a new reality that you do like.

only by loving yourself for what you are, can you begin to truly love others for what they are.

mind power is stronger than you think.

when we open our hearts to love, the heart chakra spins with crazy speed & power, whipping up the frequency of our incarnate consciousness

the super-fast, short, wavelength of love also activates the ‘antenna’ in our DNA, which reconnects us with the cosmos. avatar shit b.

an open heart chakra tunes into the cosmic pulse from everything & transmits that changing “drumbeat” to our brain & every cell in your body

but you gotta focus. every nanosecond. to emit love. like…be corny. just love everything. even “bad” shit. fuck it. just love it.

it seems silly to love stubbing your toe or to be having a shitty day or to not find a parking spot, etc. but love it. it’s all life lessons

when the majority of humans do that & outnumber the fear, hate, guilt, resentment, poor me feelings, etc., we’ll raise the vibration.

this leap in our personal frequencies will lift us out of the vibrational pit of fear we’ve been in & onto new realities we can’t imagine.

to WANT to go through a door you know is there, and have the key in your hand, and not wanna turn it because it takes effort is dumb to me.

our evolutionary process is about love, not punishment. evolution doesn’t punish us for our actions. it gives us the consequences

consequences are just lessons. to help you evolve. the fact that you woke up this morning is proof that you’re still here learning. growing.

we’re loved along this journey by consciousness levels which seek to help us to become more loving and more enlightened..

our choice is how many of these experiences we need before we learn and move on. a lot of people are stuck on old shit. i was. still can be.

i mean really? wars, hunger, and suffering is cool with everyone? everybody wouldn’t rather just try to change all this shit?

or are we going to stay where we are and face another cycle of incarnation and reincarnation until another opportunity comes to fix this?

i forgive anyone who ever did any harm to me. sincerely.

i forgive corners of table when i smash into ’em. i forgive people who give me the wrong change. i forgive someone cutting me off in traffic.

NOTHING is ever that serious to not allow the heart chakra to keep spinning. feeling good to me is more important than feeling victimized.

if we take back our power and set ourselves free from impositions of thought, beliefs & lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what the elitists do.

we gotta let go of our fear of what other people think of us, and express our uniqueness of view and lifestyle that doesn’t hurt anyone.

we gotta allow everyone else to do the same without fear of being ridiculed or condemned for being different. let’s all just live b.

we gotta stop being sheep dogs herding the flock. we’re doing the shepherd’s work for him. and i ain’t talking jesus yo.

gotta clear the channel to our higher consciousness, so we can connect with the highest levels of our wisdom, love and inspiration.

when we get ourselves right, the world must come correct, because we are the world and the world is us.

society is the sum total of human thinking & feeling. we create everything. from the structures around us to the situations we go through.

someone thinks about making a building where an empty hole is…and a building was built. first the thought, then the structure.

you think about lifting your finger. your finger rises. same shit. if everyone collectively “thought” different, and tolerated less…BOOM.

the all-powerful creative force inside us can’t be suppressed, so it comes out in an imbalanced way, full of anger, despair or frustration

so we have violence and the demand for drugs and alcohol to shut off the emotional pain. and the elitists know it. so they feed that need

they allow drugs in by the boatloads through their sea ports that they monitor, and into our communities. liquor stores on every corner yo.

the elitists have always known about esoteric knowledge and hide it, so they know what we’re capable of, stifle us. with nonsense & crap.

if my mom and dad were blue-bloods that had info passed to them, of course they’d pass it to me to preserve it. if we’re all assholes

“we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

but they can’t fuck with ya heart b. that’s where we feel from. where we balance the other chakra wheels from. it leads to intuition.

how often has what you think and what you instinctively felt been in conflict? exactly. exactly.

intuition doesn’t follow society rules and norms so following ya gut could lead you to some pain & new challenges, but so what?

intuition will always lead you to do what is best for you and your eternal journey of evolution, through experiences. THAT is SWAG.

intellect keeps you grounded, stores and processes this 3D world information that we digest. but don’t let it control your daily shit.

intellect is there to make physical the guidance and inspiration OF the intuitions that you feel. re-read this. digest it. live this shit b.

feel an intuitive message. the mind processes it. fights it for a second because of our programming. but it then tells the body what to do.

something just “feels” right, or it doesn’t. there’s no brain farts involved. no hashing, re-hashing the feeling. you just…feel.

there’s a healing going on, and for the healing to start, the cause of the disease has to be addressed. notice any global protests? i do.

see any revolutions in some countries? uprisings? toppling of dictators? crumbling of illusory systems? protests anywhere? i do.

we create our own reality and control our own destiny and the way we do that, is overwhelmingly through our intent. intuition.

if we focus our intent on specific goals, what we need to do to achieve those goals will always come as one vibrational pattern…

…that vibrational pattern attracts reflections of itself in people, experiences and opportunities that “coincidentally” happen to us

but i been told you. there’s no coincidence. only synchronicity.

often when ppl are faced with what they need to do to achieve their goal, they suddenly think that it wasn’t such a good idea after all tho

the reason we face personal and emotional mayhem when we start our journey is because of the need to clean out the emotional debris first.

can’t ask for something, then when opportunities for you to get it start coming, you turn around & say “too hard” or “too painful”. nah

you magnetically attract things you focus on. when you fear stuff, you pull it to you. when you want stuff badly, genuinely, you pull it to you.

you don’t always decide what those opportunities to get what you want look like. you have to see ALL of them, bad or good, as opportunities.

a few can only control billions, because the billions let it happen. we wanna be controlled. so we are. collectively. by the system we made.

when you change your attitudes and state of being you change the whole of you, because you are part of the whole, indeed you are the whole.


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