Everything In A Nutshell

first known thing in creation was infinity.

then infinity became aware. infinity decides to experience itself, so It manifests what we perceive as outer space and this universe. infinity continues to experience itself, so it manifests free will and love. the action of free will upon Love creates manyness. plurality. illusion of separate. manyness first starts out as an outpouring of randomized creative force, which then creates the patterns i tweeted about earlier. the patterns of energy begin to regularize their own rhythms and fields and this created dimensions and universes. the galaxy, and all other material things, are the products of individualized portions of intelligent infinity. each individualized portion of the One would become a co-creator and creates a universe. you live in your world right? just so happens that your world, is part of THE world. i made the conscious decision to reincarnate into the 3rd density of Earth from a higher density. in order to assist in the raising of consciousness on the Earth plane.

There is no right or wrong. There is no polarity.

belief in polarity is a choice, instead of understanding the complete unity of thought that binds all things together.

You are everything – every being, every emotion, and every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are Love, Light. You are.

The Law of One says all things are one Creator. in each infinitesimal part of yourself resides the One in all its power bruh. the process of incarnation involves a transition from time/space to space/time. space/time is our waking experience of third dimensional life, but time/space describes how we experience ourselves in between lives. in space/time, we have control over space, in that we can move our bodies freely from one place to another. but…in space/time we experience time as a relative, linear phenomenon over which we have no control. in time/space you’re located in limbo and have the experience of all your lifetimes as if they were occurring at the same time. we can’t all remember our previous lives, because If there were no potential for misunderstandings, there would be no experiences. see? it’s only in this 3rd dimension that the veil of forgetfulness exists. if you remembered & knew it all, you wouldn’t try shit. and by trying shit, you learn and ascend to what you’re gonna be next. the fact that mostly everybody can’t remember all of their past lives is so that free will can do it’s thing baby. the need to make choices without conscious understanding of all the ramifications is a necessary evolutionary step in your growth. you’re supposed to fuck up. just not so much yo. lol! in a predictable system, free will cannot exist. to be eligible for graduation into 4th density, we gotta have a 51% orientation towards service to others. where you at?

accepting responsibility for each moment of experience, empowers progress. live from the gut, not from technique. the universe is one Being. when you see someone, see one. look in the mirror and see the universe.

accept all experiences, distilling from them the light/love within ’em. what’s not needed, just falls away


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