no such thing as a “revenge energy” called karma. so stop it.

karma is interpreted by many folks to mean that, what we do to others will be done to us, to hurt or punish us. not exactly.

if we act negatively towards someone, that action reflects our state of being at that moment. that’s it.

if we don’t learn from seeing the effects of our actions, we will go on transmitting that same state of being/vibration, yes…

that will attract to us a “like vibration”…someone who will do to us what we have done to another.

if, however, we learn from seeing the effects of our actions, our sense of self changes and so does our pattern/vibration…

when our sense of self changes, it’s because we learned our “lesson”, and so does our pattern, and so does the physical experience it attracts.

there is no energy called karma that gets “revenge” on someone for us. stop it. life is learning. that’s it.

if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you ‘ve always got.

“karma” is another way of saying we create our own reality. and THAT to me, is truth.

just grow up and accept that you control you, and your life. so do others. but others just stay stuck & don’t grow. that’s their choice.

if someone hurts people consciously, or subconsciously, and doesn’t STOP doing it, the universe won’t “teach them a lesson” by hurting them.

that person controls their own reality, so if they don’t grow from that hurting people vibration, they won’t grow/evolve. THAT is truth

karma as a revenge energy, isn’t real. so stop it. worry about your evolution. don’t hope others get “bit by karma”.

yes the law of attraction is real, but there is no energy in the universe that gets revenge on ppl for you.

what you give, is given back. what you take, is taken back. universal law b.

karmic experience is spiritual debt or credit. it’s not revenge or the universe “teaching you a lesson”.

in actuality, karmic experience is the repeating of experiences because you keep failing to learn the lesson

negative karma is to help you understand what you ignored when you made your negative choice

ppl misunderstand karma all the time. when you do that, experiences become anchors.

deserve or not deserve are human perceptions. the universe doesn’t operate from a place of deserve or not deserve. it’s all lessons.

some of the painful experiences we go though now may come from choices we made in a previous life.

if you were able to remember past lives, that’d mean you’re using your mind. but karmic experiences are soul lessons. not mind lessons.

that’s WHY you can’t specifically remember what you’ve done in past lives. the experiences you go through now are for you to learn from.

and by you…i mean soul. not you, the human.


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