M-theory and Fractals tweets


fuck it, i’ll do this as simply and with as little tweets as humanly possible.

Paul Steinhardt out of Princeton once spoke about the ekpyrotic model. M-theory basically which is multiverses. meaning more than 1 universe

in M-theory, fundamental objects are 2-dimensional membranes living in 11-dimensional space-time. I’ve gone over how there’s 11 dimensions.

M-theory says that our universe, and others, come from collisions between membranes in this 11-dimensional space.

and these universes can have completely different laws of physics – anything is possible; all potentials can be realized yo. super ill

like, in the room you’re in, there could be one of these 11 dimensions inside of it where a parallel “you” exists, right next to you right now

now imagine before the Big Bang our universe was made up of 2 perfectly flat four-dimensional surfaces in distance from one another, in Planck length.

in physics, the Planck length, denoted ℓP, is a unit of length, equal to 1.616199(97)×10−35 meters. really small.

a hydrogen atom is about 10 trillion trillion Planck lengths across. physicists primarily use the Planck length to talk about things that are ridiculously tiny.

now, random fluctuations in this unseen parallel universe caused it to distort, and start “reaching” towards our universe.

and then 13.8 billion years ago, these 2 out of 11 dimensional universes, “touched”. collided. that made one big explosion. we call it the Big Bang.

our visible universe could be one of these “parallel universes”, crammed into the unseen space between each dimension.

now to go back to arm movements and fractals…fractals usually form by opposing spirals, creating standing waves. and these spirals…

…contain the Golden Mean. it’s one of the most important mathematical structures in existence. it’s everywhere. on you. in you. around you.

your shoulder movement contains the larger spiral which is a vortex, and the elbow fractal is within that vortex, and to the fingers, etc..

fingers operate in the context of the wrist, the wrist in the context of the elbow, etc. this is a very efficient system. and…

…it’s how many say our universe works after having a collision with a parallel universe 14.8 billion years ago creating everything you see.

and these other dimensions still exist. some might be as large and observable as this one, and some might be curled up into Planck length.

again, parallel YOU might be right next to you right now, and you’re totally unaware of each other’s existence. but how you function…

…is how this particular universe functions. fractals. mathematics. the blueprints for how this universe was born and was made, is in you.

it’s on you. on your elbow. look at it in the mirror. look at all of your joints. you’re the universe. you’re old. lol

there’s an almost infinite number of probabilities every instant of your life and that’s only in this one dimension. let that blow your mind

i believe this universe is infinite. this has yet to be proven or disproven, but i’m confident that there is no end to my Self.

the infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. so even if we’re in 1 universe of a multiverse, i myself go on and on and on

want an example of unity? look at sunlight through a prism. unity can be found within nature but y’all on twitter debating lightskin and darkskin. smh

you are unity. you are infinity. you are love/light, light/love. you are. muthafuckin dig that.


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