“What Do You Believe In Echo?”

Where do I start? 

I believe in a lot of different shit. What do I mean by believe? Meaning…I read it, saw it somewhere, or hear my inner voice clearly and thought “that rings true”. Does it mean that I always use empirical evidence derived by way of the scientific method to make me believe what I believe? No. That’s ok because a lot of ppl believe in shit that they didn’t apply one single step of the scientific method to, in order TO believe that shit at all. I’d say most ppl don’t even know what the scientific method is or what empirical evidence means. Welp.

What are some of the things that I believe ring as true? In other words, things that exist outside of my mind, that exist regardless of my physical existence in this dimension. I believe I exist. I also believe that every lifeform on Earth is a version of myself allowing me to see life from trillions of different perspectives. I’m just more in tune with this timeline and identity this time around, so I see life through these eyes the most this reincarnation. Oh yea, I believe in that. 

So…I believe I exist and that everything is really one thing. I believe in aliens. This means lifeforms from outside this planet that arrived here once, are still here, that help us and sometimes destroy us. Why do I believe this? Because it makes logical sense to me. If one factors in the numbers, probabilities, the capabilities of life being created, the vastness of the universe, etc., there is no way we haven’t been visited. Maybe even been spawned by. It’s been said that the building blocks of our DNA has been found on meteorites. As in, we are from space, in some way shape or form.

I believe in some mathematics, science and pseudoscience. I do believe in the Fibonacci sequence being a mathematical pattern found embedded/imprinted into nature. A design that is part of the blueprint that makes everything. I believe in U-set mathematics which incorporate open numbers, meaning not just a 2 or a 7 but, all numbers before and after each number, i.e. .0000002, .000002, .0002, .002, .02, .2, etc. It’s called the Whole, as in everything is one, a math system involving all numbers possible, like a reflection of life which involves all lifeforms possible. This math reflects life. We’re taught N-set arithmetic in school. Closed numbers. Oh.

When I say I believe in science, I mean physics, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, astronomy. I’d say Natal astrology too but, that’s probably pseudoscience nowadays while everybody still thinks astrology is an actual science.

I, of course, think that many things that are called pseudoscience are real. This could mean philosophical ideologies such as the existence of a soul (a tripartite one), consciousness, Loosh, ESSE, meditation, astral projection, lucid dreams, etc. The “evidence” I’d have to back up these up as reality wouldn’t be acceptable to most, if not all, scientists but, I still believe in them. I feel them.

I also believe in things that would define one as a conspiracy theorist. I think there’s a lot of esoteric knowledge that exists that has been, and is, suppressed, withheld or destroyed by people in power around Earth, that want to stay in power. That power is hereditarily handed down, stolen, or killed for. It’s a controlling power and people that are weak in the mind and spirit need that kind of power to survive. Intelligence doesn’t equal empathy so, as smart as many evil people can be, that intellect doesn’t help them see life as it truly is…oneness and inter-connectedness. You can’t understand what life is and is about, and not understand inter-connectedness. They’re hand in hand.

I believe in love, ghosts, gravity, dimensions, frequencies, free-will, genius, spirit, chakras, ego, “physical matter”, emotions and desires. 

I dig sneakers, love sports, am hip-hop, and I think the future I’ve envisioned as the world I’ll live in is very possible and has already started to take shape. 🙏🏼


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