you live in a debt system.

the invention of money is why we as humans have not had a sense of stable value in our lives.

one dollar is only as valuable as how much bread it can buy you. think about it.

ppl pay other ppl money, to be able to see other ppl punch other ppl in the face, for money. i mean…dude. lol

we don’t have a monetary system or currency. we have a debt system.

this whole system is built upon debt. exchanging debt. switching debt. getting more in debt. alleviation of some debt.

it’s all debt. every dollar passed from one hand to another hand, is debt being passed from one hand to another. continuously.

stability is practically extinct. look at people’s homes. how many kids feel stable in their environment? not many i bet

we walk around emotionally twitching like woodland creatures eating in forests hearing predators nearby. everyone’s nervous AF inside. hoarding

with a stable sense of value throughout humankind, we can start gaining that inner value we’ve all lost.

go to WSHH or YouPorn for 5 minutes, then talk to me about humans having inner value of themselves. lmao

wealth is a measure of what you have against what you or others don’t have. if we all “had” the necessary things, there’d be no wealthy ppl.

you can’t corrupt a system that is based on individual self-responsibility. because that’s not a system.

you can only corrupt a system that has dependency already interwoven into it.

the monetary system was designed to be confusing. to deter regular people from understanding it

our govt asks the Fed for $10 billion. the Fed says ok we’ll buy 10 billion bonds. so our govt prints 10 billion bonds. Fed prints 10 billion bucks

the govt takes that $10 billion, deposits that. pow. $10 billion in the bank. money out of thin air. easy huh? we owe that dough now

banks gotta hold $1,000,000 and the bank can lend out that $9,000,000. and people pay back loans plus interest. get it? govt now makes $$.

when ppl get a loan they take that $ and put into a bank which now loans money off that $ being paid back. but govt printed bonds right?

and the Fed printed $10 billion. but people can’t print shit. so ppl work to pay back THEIR loan. it never balances. govt & Fed win. we lose

fractional reserve money system. we’ll always be at a job to pay back $$ our govt borrows. they started with a debt. the Fed owes noone.

the more money there is the more debt there is. the more debt there us the more money there is. 1835. the last time we had no debt/deficit

if every debt ever owed got paid back there wouldn’t be one dollar left on earth. it’ll never happen. due to INTEREST.

so where do you come up with enough $$ to pay back what’s borrowed plus the interest? you can’t. ever. that’s the game. see it?

every dollar you have is owed to someone from someone. forever.

only god can make something out of nothing. and a bank.

we live in perpetual debt. so will your kids. earth is one big pyramid scheme. who cares tho? go drink. party.

we all modern day slaves. you don’t even know it. let’s just keep going to “work” like zombies. wage slaves.

we’re in an invisible war. debt is the weapon. interest are the bullets. economic hitmen work in banks. you’re the targets.

we do the same to countries that are broke. make a loan via IMF or World Bank. that country goes into debt. we say “ok. sell us stuff CHEAP”

bank gives you a loan from $$ that was printed out of thin air. you owe real money plus interest. you can’t print $$. so you work. ALOT.

if you don’t work enough & fast enough…bank takes your house or car or wages. your property. that you purchased with magic $$ you borrowed

people must like being slaves. you say the ones that got whipped on slave ships were slaves. so are you. the whip is your alarm clock.

wage slaves walkin around with nice kicks & handbags. going to work so you can get a paycheck. to pay back loans your govt owes. taxes

it’s like…I need $10 bucks. I ask the Fed for $10. the Fed says ok but gimme 10 pieces of paper with your face on it. I print 10 papers.

the Fed prints $10 & gives it to me. electronically into my bank. now I take that $10…find 10 ppl & loan each a $1 & say they owe $5 each.

see? when I get $5 back from each person I just made money off $1 I loaned that I never really had. I used 10 pieces of paper with my face.

the Fed loaned me $10 it printed out of thin air. who’s the suckas? the ten
desperados who borrowed $1 each & paid me back $5 each.

guess who those desperados are? all of you. figure it out.



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