Brain tweets


everybody’s compulsively looking for a mate with specific positive & negative traits. this comes from your “old brain”.

ok so, brain stem oversees reproduction, self preservation & shit like circulation, breathing, contraction of muscles, etc.

this is what some call, reptilian brain. it’s called that because all vertebrates including reptiles and mammals  share this piece of anatomy.

then you got ya limbic system. this is where the chemicals that we call, emotions, pop up.

“old brain” is what connects ya brain stem & limbic system. this is where you’re hard wired at. where them automatic reactions were born.

last piece is ya cerebral cortex. this is where ya cognitive functioning is at. most highly developed. this ya new brain.

this where you make decisions, think from, observe with, create at, organize info wit, etc

ya whole life is new brain vs. old brain but you don’t eem know it.

new brain’s logical, cause and effect type shit. old brain…you’re barely aware of. and old brain gets it info from new brain kinda.

see, the new brain sees me and you. Edwin and Lynn. John and Suzy. etc.

old brain sees someone to help, be helped by, fuck, fear, give in to, kill. faceless blobs

basically, the old brain makes its decisions based on mostly shit from way early on when you were an infant. but it uses that info today.

new brain sposed to tell old brain “nah this person’s cool. I know em”, because old brain smells the perfume & it’s reminded of a trauma.

then old brain goes into self preservation mode to protect you and makes you go through the above 6 choices, you feel fear, so you jet.

old brain always says “is it safe?” and if it goes into the mode of not safe, you’re not gonna hang around. even if it defies logic.

what’s the point? that a lot of times that you’re reacting to things a certain way & can’t explain it, it’s old brain shit b.

sooner you figure out what truly ever happened to you when you were a baby or soon after, easier it is to see why you act a certain way in certain areas.

old brain doesn’t know what linear time is. to it, what was still is. understanding this further helps you be able to see why you “flip out”

in the old brain, then and now live side by side yo.

we all seek a mate that has the predominant traits of whoever raised us. let this sink in.

when you find those traits in someone, old brain says “aaahhh someone to repair the psychological damage i experienced as a child.”

we felt Oneness before, in the womb. everything you needed came through fluid exchanges instantly. you were free from desire. soothed.

then you were here and what you need instantly, didn’t come. we seek that Edenic experience again our whole lives.

babies don’t “see” they’re separate beings like we’re programmed to. babies see a universe with no boundaries. they don’t know…division.

ppl run around unfairly expecting their partner to fulfill this Oneness feeling we’ve all felt. when partners can’t, we get unhappy.

problem is…your partners aren’t supposed to give you that reconnection to Oneness. that’s why they can’t. only you can yo.

but that’s just fucked up programming and being susceptible to the old brain only.

to do something correctly, you gotta know what you were doing incorrectly first.

we’re all emotionally injured.

babies tells the outside world they’re distressed by crying, since it’s their only form of communication until speaking

a baby has no sense of delayed gratification & no way of taking care of itself so a parent unable to “solve” a baby’s crying, fucks it up

most parents fuck up. there’s a way to equip a baby with self soothing. when a parent fails at it, everything becomes life & death to a baby

and that emotionally injury roots itself into a baby’s old brain, which resurfaces repeatedly in that baby as a teenager and adult.

that’s why I be saying, there’s a lot of infant adults walking around. you see them tweeting all day. they don’t eem know it

once you figure that shit out & self equip yourself with “I’m ok” then you no longer have the old brain “the world’s not safe” shit

and then you, really control you b



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