my Sandy Hook tweets from February 2013


ppl still question Sandy Hook being a setup like they question the government’s ability to kill its own citizens. “impossible!”

it’s possible.

yo Robbie Parker laughing before he did his press conference about his daughter Ellie who was killed the day before #SandyHook

Adam Lanza used an assault rifle to kill all those kids? odd. apparently, the assault rifle he had was found in his car afterwards

yo man!! the same day of #SandyHook these dudes were training FOR a Sandy Hook type event?!? #iCant

yo man!! the same day of #SandyHook these dudes were training FOR a Sandy Hook type event?!…

on 9/10/2011 FEMA arrived in NYC to train for planes hitting buildings. what happened the next day?

on 12/14/12 Homeland Security of Connecticut was supposed to be in training for a disaster with kids. what happened the next day?

Sandy Hook was a giant movie set B.

i’m saying no children probably died. if some did, it wasn’t 20. it wasn’t by some lone gunman kid. and there was agenda.… seriously. click this link. #SandyHook

“In my cache you will find several small arms. All of these small arms are manufactured by Cerberus/Freedom Group.” – Christopher Dorner

“The same company responsible for the Portland mall shooting, Webster , NY, and Sandy Hook massacre.” – Christopher Dorner

the Ellie Parker Facebook page might still be up but the other ones were taken down & recreated after 12/14. i saw the pages then.

the video in YouTube with over 10 million views has footage of the FB pages and i tweeted the homeland security page yesterday….

…which was about a training exercise scheduled 12/14 to deal with “children disasters” 20 minutes from Sandy Hook.

“so what are you saying Echo?! that our own government would stage scenarios where they fake deaths & sometimes kill their own citizens?!”

“you think the government would go to these kind of lengths to pass legislation & to trick the ppl into giving up civil liberties?!?!”


Spanish-American War. Vietnam. Pearl Harbor. OKC bombing. Atlanta Olympics. 9/11. Sandy Hook. and on and on and on…

if you’re still the person that believes there’s no way our own government would do anything to harm us…go back to sleep.

remember all those dead bodies we saw at Sandy Hook? wait.

remember when we saw Saddam Hussein’s body? wait.

remember when we all saw Bin Laden’s body? wait.




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