Galactic Alignments

the solar system is completing its “minor cycle” that takes approximately 26,000 years, known as the precession of the equinoxes.

our milky way galaxy is completing the cycle around the Pleiades system, and that takes roughly 230 million years.

our galaxy is also completing the cycle around the Pleiades great central sun (Alcyone), which took around 16 billion years

no wonder Jesus and religion has been so batty this AGE. we’ve been in the age of Pisces. the fish. we’ve been in this age since 1A.D. until 2150 A.D.

the sun will rise in alignment with Aquarius, in 2150 AD. the age of Aquarius begins in 2150 AD, and goes on until 4300 AD. dig that.

from 1A.D. – 2150 A.D. the sun is rising in alignment with the Pisces constellation. we’ve been in THAT age. it’s only 2013. we got 137 yrs to go.

from 4300 BC – 2150 BC the sun rose in alignment with the Taurus constellation.

from 2150 BC – 1AD, the sun rose in alignment with Aries

so for 26,000 years the sun rose has been rising in alignment with each constellation/zodiac sign/age. then it goes backwards through each one

precession of equinoxes. precession, is backwards. the sun rises in alignment with different constellations in the sky. backwards.

each age lasts 2150 years. we’ve been in the middle of the age of Pisces. have been in it. approaching the age of Aquarius.

the constellations go backwards slowly throughout time & it takes 26,000 years for the sun to go through all of the houses/ages.

every 2,150 years, the sunrise in the morning of the spring equinox occurs in a different zodiac sign

last year we started to see our solar system come into perfect synchronous alignment with the galactic equator of the Milky Way, and Pleiades system.

this year will mark the completion of a 75,000 year galactic cycle and a 25,000 year planetary cycle. give or take a year. lol

Ian Xel Lungold, who has worked on decoding the Maya information, said the following, about cycles per the Maya:

‘A very brief example; the beginning of the 5th [cycle] of Creation’s pattern was 102,000 years ago. This is when our ancestors learned to speak. Advancements in technology took approx. 7,900 years each. The 6th [cycle] began in 3115 BC and this is when we learned to write. Changes in technology took place about every 396 years.

The 7th [cycle] started 1755 AD. Here was the invention of the mail service, the printing press, newspapers and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Major tech advances were achieved every 19.7 years. The beginning of the 8th [cycle] was Jan 5th 1999. Now we have the Internet and instant communications world wide.

The same amounts of technical advancements now occur every 360 days

Cellular cycle
beginning 16.4 billion years ago, developed the consciousness of Action/Reaction.

Mammalian cycle
beginning 820 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Response.

Familial cycle
beginning 41 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Individual Response.

Tribal cycle
beginning 2 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Similarities/Differences.

Cultural cycle
beginning 102,000 years ago, developed the consciousness of Reason.

National cycle
beginning in the year 3115 B.C., developed the consciousness of Law.

Planetary cycle
beginning in the year 1755 A.D., developed the consciousness of Power.

Galactic cycle
beginning January 5, 1999, developing the consciousness of Ethics.

Universal cycle
beginning February 10, 2011 [or in that period of 2011/2012], will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.


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