Illuminati is a term. not one organization on paper. it just means illuminated ones. ppl that happen to know shit that many others, don’t.

illuminated ones such as certain families, political leaders, religious leaders, secret facets outside of government, etc., are “Illuminati”.

mystery schools that found & stole early information of what we are & what all this means & how to make it work.

they taught it to chosen ones. to carry on the knowledge. some leak it. some keep it. it’s been happening forever.

many have become drunk with the power so they hoard it. the info. they only pass it on to their genealogical relatives.

there have been mystery schools that had the name Illuminati in their titles. but this isn’t one group. it’s many, many groups & subgroups.

ppl that learned of ways to uplift ourselves also know how to reverse that energy to imprison us.

to egos running wild, power is supreme. so that’s all those egos want.

sure, someone can say I’m wrong. but that right there, is proof that I’m right.

because the fact that there’s concrete proof for something and someone would still deny it, shows that the programming is thick.

“proof of what echo?!!” that something secret, controls all this shit.

that doesn’t sit well with me. which is why i live my life uncovering and exposing. sharing. learning.

ppl waste their time seeking certain “papers”, not realizing the answers to everything are right inside of us. literally. and figuratively.

don’t get all twisted & scared about Illuminati. all it means is there are ppl that had access to knowledge & passed it to each other.

they just think the rest of the ppl are too stupid to get it. we’re not to be trusted with the info. AND you can have power over many ppl too.

Illuminati have information we don’t. it’s privileged info, they feel. some of it handed down to them by aliens, that helped create us.

secret societies like the Royal Society, Bavarian Illuminati, Knights of Malta, etc., all hoard this info.

The Royal Society was created in 1662 by Charles II. an assembly of world scientists & engineers.

Isaac Newton became a member of the Royal Society in 1672. remember what he did?? think hard.

if there are ppl that have information/knowledge about things that can save your life, wouldn’t you kinda believe them, if its been proven?

a minority on this planet run the majority & ppl refuse to believe it because it sounds “silly”. sounds smart to me. FOOLED everyone.

the Rothschild family introduced banking into our world. Rothschild translates to Red Shield, in German. red shield, was a Templar symbol.

Knights of Templar symbols include a red cross on a white background. now where have you seen that symbol today?

in 1776,  the Bavarian Illuminati was born.

a lit torch represents an illuminated one. Illuminati. think about where you’ve seen lit torches in symbols around you.

Texaco logo. a pentagram with a Tau Cross in it. or a Freemason T square. Exxon is a “double cross” logo.

peep an Arco logo one day when you drive by it. it’s the top of a pyramid as if you’re looking down at it, from above.

ever take a good look at the United Nations logo? 33 sections within the circle. i know what 33 represents. do you? you should.

funny. Amoco used to have a torch as their logo. like the Statue of Liberty does. and Amoco merged with BP.  oh.

look at the numbers involved in playing cards and the colors, suits of cards, etc. its not a game man. 13, 52, 365, etc. programming.

Olympics were once held in Atlanta. ever wonder why? Brotherhood symbolism. Atlanta was a goddess/huntress that no man can beat. worship. rituals.

there’s an eternal flame (torch, illumination) on the Diana & JFK grave sites. Statue of Liberty too. Colombia Pictures. Amoco. etc.

it goes on, and on.


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