mobilize ppl. gather them up. count how many you got. then, plan together who’s down to sit-in legally supernear a local precinct w/ a list.

the list will have the names of the officers your group has gathered that have race related offenses/violations on record & demand them gone

make sure to know how many ppl you have that can alternate for the sit-in so that it’s consistent nightly. nobody all leaves until it’s done

make sure the sit-ins are like flash mobs. you coordinate with groups in other cities & states so it all happens in 1 day everywhere.

make sure the list is specific and has bulletpoints as to which officers we want fired/relieved including chiefs, rookies, vets, etc.

NO VIOLENCE. just sit everyday readin your demands aloud. make sure the city representatives that you feel represent you for real speak too

don’t let anyone in the group fuck shit up & gets to rioting and watch for undercover police moles sent in to disrupt the plan. they do that

this is a start. this is you change shit. how you show the elitists you are smart, organized and ain’t playing. demand trials for dirty cops

shame the other cops by name aloud for standing by dirty cops in their precinct. get ppl to boycott the precinct’s fund raising. no support.

 at the sit-ins you follow an Occupy model of open communication, ppl dropping off blankets, sleeping bags, food, water, etc. 


make sure to find public property near the precinct. as near as possible. they can’t breakup the encampment or arrest you if you do the math

when they start to see more ppl showing up than anything before to sit, sleep, help, whatever, it’ll start working. this other shit doesn’t 

killing cops, marching, protests and signs, stop it. mobilize, plan, meet, action

get one of your many celebrities y’all cape for to use their follower amount for good for once. tell em to set up encrypted email for ppl

tell em to tell their followers to setup their encrypted emails then have the celebrity give secret meeting spots where ppl can mobilize.

here’s another part of the strategy. make the main speakers (not leaders!) women. these are leaderless groups. the new wave. fuck a leader.

women are the forefront of this new revolution we can embark on. it’ll spill over from fixing this cop killing us shit, into media, politics

men and women that are in the group come up with the list of dirty cops’ names and demands then have the women speak to media outlets


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