Soul and Ego

this planet isn’t my home. this body is. knowing that adds a new level to life yo

the body’s not me, nor is my name. i’m the soul

the soul is 3 parts…reason (logic), spirit (courage/cowardice) and appetite (desire)

the ego is a separate part/piece of us apart from the soul. it’s our “translator”

we’re soul. we’re ego. that’s it.

ego was designed to serve as the eye that we use to view and understand the world around us. dats it

its sole function is to deliver to us information from the outside world.

it’s not what ppl think it is. as far as you thinking you’re the shit or thinking the world is only about you. ppl got that wrong

in the sense of having a big ego, what that could mean is that we’re allowing the ego to be the decision maker, or you only use IT to see

the ego is the mailroom clerk delivering info and communications from the world around you, to your soul.

your job is to place this info in proper context then to give it form by giving it back to the ego to create that form in the physical world

but your soul’s input is the boss’s input because you, the soul, is the boss. when you don’t let the soul decide shit, you let the ego do it

and that, is letting an ego “run wild”. it wasn’t built to make decisions. it was built to deliver info and communication. don’t misuse it.

the ego self then puts that form into action, (with the male energy of doing) and being (feminine energy of being.) that’s the ego’s job.

action and being. male and female energies. expansion and contraction. see what happens when shit is imbalanced? no? look at the world. look at your own life.

too much action…not enough being = machismo. too much being…not enough action = daddy’s spoiled lil girl. “take care of me”. see it?

what was i saying? oh yea. i’m a soul. this is a realization i purposefully have almost everyday. helps me stay wavy

ego thinks the physical world is the whole universe. the soul knows there’s levels everywhere. dimensions. frequencies. multiverses. etc.

i can tell who out here is all ego mind. and who out here is in touch with their soul. now…who do you think i take serious or fuck with?

know how you get in touch with the fact that you’re a soul more and more? by using your gut (intuition) more in life to make choices.

you hone your intuition with meditation. you analyze and remember dreams. you lucid dream. you astral project. you truly see nature everyday

you forgive more than you hold grudges. you show love to everything. you appreciate what you got instead of saying what you don’t so much.

stop being a fuckboy or fuckgirl by not contributing anything healthy, enlightening or worthwhile to humanity.

stop trying to fix what’s inside by going outside

understand that when you get in touch so much with your soul, your aura changes which sometimes repels ppl you’ve had around, away from you

just in the last 5 i’ve lost touch with ppl i’d been around for almost 15 years. all jokes aside, that “being too real” for ppl can be true

when i say real, i mean being so in touch with your soul that you walk around this dimension just knowing you’re a soul. it repels friends

because they still letting their mailroom clerk make choices and decisions for them. they don’t know they’re the CEO (a soul). but i do

it’s how i went from 15K followers to 9K and i’m still dropping. ’cause the ppl that loved my egoic self tweetin left when my soul took over

i love it though. it’s a good way to weed out caca

once ego driven ppl start to feel my tweets they unfollow or mute me. it becomes too overwhelming. it’s why Death Row and i split. ego shit

after being mad about all that shit for awhile i re-realize that everything’s lessons and everything is flux, not static. everything changes

i embrace change whether it means being on a label and not being on one now, being a daddy when once i wasn’t, followers rising to dropping

i mean, look who has the most followers ever on twitter. lmao a kardashian or a singer or someone. fuckin jokes

you’d think someone uplifting or enlightening or helpful to all souls would be the most followed or listened to on twitter. it’s a celebrity

between knowing i’m a soul and reaching that level, and knowing i’m eternal, and knowing everything changes and it’s ok, i’m hella skraight

this world is 99.8% ego-driven. that percentile of humanity has allowed the mailroom clerk to run tings and that’s why we have shit we have

wars, greed, money. disease, climate change, apathy, etc. The ego in more ppl globally is running their lives than ppl knowing they’re souls

if more ppl on earth knew they were souls and that being a human means you’re a soul + ego & that they’re letting ego run tings, we’d rise

we’d have empathy and not apathy, we’d have more humans in touch with their male and female energies and they’d be more in balance nshit

ppl would literally always think about how what they’re about to do might affect someone else. that’d change the world bruh.

but alas, even with the age of technology giving us that much more ability to ascend, humans forgot their origins, their true selves…

and welcome the machine that runs the world to numb them and keep them distracted. our society practically beg the machine to numb it

it’s numbed by media, misinformation, manipulation of their egos and appetites, drugs, barbiturates, neuro-peptides (emotions), etc.

Katy Perry has 89 million followers. the most on Twitter. Barack has 75 million. get my point meng?

fixing something inside by looking outside is a band-aid, not a cure, and our society is predicated on that. jails, plastic surgery, ads etc

the more divided ppl are, the easier it is for them to be ruled

i got out of my own way a long time ago

the way to tell i’ve grown and am where i need to be isn’t proven by how much money i do or don’t have. that’s how other ppl measure success. not me.

a rapper who amplifies your numbness with their music and has 20 cars in his driveway isn’t more successful than i am in my eyes

i might be a “struggle rapper” because i’m not verified on twitter or have have a full time job and record in bedrooms & closets but fuckit

i’m rapping what i believe and release music that has concepts i don’t think anybody out here is putting out to humanity. i’m trying to help

if at least 1 person listens to my music and says “i bump it all the time” or “i like/support your music because i know why you do it”, cool.


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