Reality. Holograms. Blankets?


all physical matter you can see around you, is energy. it’s electro-magnetic energy held in a state of tension. so wild to me

my physical being itself is electro-magnetic energy being held in a state of tension controlled by consciousness forming my atoms via aether

da consciousness i call “Love” or All-That-Is or the Whole or Oneness that was the Big Bang explosion, created aether so atoms can form shit

it’s like holding an outstretched blanket then using sounds to vibrate the blanket and then rolling tiny pellets on it til they form shapes.

that’s everything.

our universe is the outstretched blanket, atoms are the pellets, consciousness turns on the sound & we and everything else, are the shapes.

like Cymatics.

and don’t forget, electric energy and magnetic energy are two measurable dimensions. my bio’s been said i’m multi-dimensional. we all are.

thought energy, and emotional energy, are intertwined like electro-magnetic energy is. how real is that?

once you have the basic principles understood, then everything else kinda falls into place yo.

the entire universe is energy and behind that energy is the consciousness that created it. because what else controls that energy?! exactly

our minds are each a little piece of the universe’s mind.

this reality that everyone agrees on, is a very limited experience of reality. think about it.

can you see the cells that form your body right now, with your naked eyes? no. but that’s reality. you just see one slice of reality. skin.

and skin is basically a holographic projection since within each cell that forms skin is the blueprint for the entire body. and that is…

….exactly how holograms work.

each one of the cells that forms your body is a pixel in a hologram. light shines on each pixel & is reflected and a whole form appears out of thin air.

sunlight hits our cells. our DNA. and astral light exists within us. true reality is subatomic. and ppl can’t walk around seeing that. some ppl.

we form as an entire image, the way a hologram forms an entire image. what’s the difference? the components. and your beliefs.

that’s why i know i’m not a body. my soul has a body. this is my reality. i know what forms my body. physically AND metaphysically b.





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