don’t fall in love with physical. fall in love with the metaphysical.

“Just because I don’t love you the way you want me to, doesn’t mean that I don’t love you with everything I have.”

someone’s need to hear “I love you” all the time or experience constant PDA says more about that person’s own insecurity, than about love

we’re all being challenged to become whole people & we attract the relationships that help us to do that.

in most relationships, one partner expresses an energy that the other has not accessed within themselves.

that’s why they found each other. to bring those energies out of each other, for each other.

wipe your ass with society’s blueprints of how things beyond the mind need to be experienced

relationships need to be viewed as the interaction of two whole ppl & not two halves seeking external balance.

because those two ppl will be lost in the sauce for a long time.

a dope relationship is based on the mutual respect of each partner for the other’s wholeness and individuality

there’s a different definition of love for almost everyone on the planet, because real love is not definable. fuck a blueprint love.

stop putting the responsibility of trillions of experiences that have to happen to you so you can grow, on one person’s shoulders. not fair

you can be in love with someone and even commit to be with only that someone sexually, but that should be a choice. not a society pressure.

and remember, it’s not really logical to think that the one person you fall in love with is going to help you experience everything you need

it’s a big planet. you’re gonna meet other ppl that present you with experiences/lessons/situations that help you evolve & grow. it’s ok.

we grow a lot more from the challenges in our lives, than the easy rides. welcome challenges.

define cheating. to yourself in your own mind. now, where’d you get that definition?

true love is not definable on human terms. it’s All-That-Is. and there’s no such thing as soulmates. all souls are 1

“You don’t kiss me and hold my hand like the couple across the street.” because we’re not that couple. we’re this couple. fuck blueprints.

if you’re doing things because other ppl are doing them, then YOU aren’t doing anything at all, really. sorry

try doing something you came up with on your own. it’s more exciting.

energetic relationships don’t operate with judgments, preconceived notions, etc. they just interact within nature, as energy. newsflash…

you’re condensed energy. act like it

your expectations about everything is killing your ability to experience things properly. you’re fucking you up.

relationships between planets & stars, water & air, hot & cold, thought & energy, are constantly creating and changing the world around us.

flow of life leads us to what we need to experience and who to experience what with, and the flow comes from within ourselves. don’t DAM it.

you create dams by having expectations. by putting judgments on yourself and others. by not letting the flow, flow.

love is beyond words.


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