shit’s going down in the Ukraine

the Ukrainian government had been working for years on a landmark trade deal with the European Union.

the Ukraine President, Viktor Yanukovych backed out last November. ppls said Russia made him choose to back out.

that deal would have ensured that Ukraine citizens could travel through the EU without visas; which they can’t do.

Russia has previously cut off gas exports into the country and banned Ukrainian products so Viktor was scared AF.

like i said the other day, the protests are because some ppl in the Ukraine want to move into a more westernized, modern world. and…

…other ppl there want to stay in the dark ages with Russia. no bueno

so the country has a 50/50 split between the Russian supporters, and the European supporters.

industrial workers in the eastern half favor closer ties with Russia; they speak the language and have the same religion.

the western half has closer ties with Europe. a lot them are Roman Catholic and they speak Ukrainian.

then in January, President Yanukovych pushed through anti-legislation laws which ban most forms of protest in the country

…over 200,000 supporters of the opposition took to the center of Kiev to protest against the new restrictions.

the new anti-legislation laws said demonstrators could no longer wear masks or helmets and…

…anyone who blockaded public buildings could be given a five-year jail term. so ppl went H.A.M. son

so now you know why shit is poppin off in the Urkaine. in case you were wondering.


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