true mathematics yo.

so math is universally taught using symbols (numbers) that don’t contain themselves AND the whole as an element. the whole is ALL. all is 1

people are mostly taught mathematics that uses rational numbers. N sets. these are closed numbers. like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

the numbers that are currently used in mathematics are closed numbers. N sets. they exclude all other ADJACENT numbers. see it’s like..

…the number 2 is a rational number. (N set) & it excludes all its approximations such as 2.00001, 2.00002, 2.00003, etc.

like…when you were taught to count, you were taught to count 1, 2, 3, 4…etc. that’s not it bruh. there’s more

all modern mathematics teaches only using closed numbers. rational numbers. N sets. so even the digits ppl worship aren’t fully “true”.

this is Euclidian.Pythagorean. sacred geometry. in using open numbers, it opens calculations to whole new dimensions b. new angles. etc.

how you think them pyramids, ziggurats, etc., stayed together so long? Krazy Glue? cement? lol! they were built using true mathematics

you can lift 800 ton granite rocks by disconnecting gravity (disable the gravitons) if you utilize all open number calculations (U sets).

since nature is the “Whole”…as in all one, then universal laws are applied in the same way, and the “whole/all” is a continuum of all.

open numbers. not just numbers/symbols we use but the ones adjacent as well. because all of it exists. and should be accounted for & used.

the Whole is actually perceived in true mathematics as the continuum of all numbers. U sets. open numbers. but that’s not taught yo.

N sets are called rational numbers. rational numbers are closed. all modern mathematics operates only with rational numbers. disconnection.

the idea of closed numbers precludes the existence of the continuum/whole. however, without a continuum there is no mathematics at all yo.

true mathematics must therefore be open to reflect the openness of the energetic systems of the universe, and the levels of “the whole”.

rational numbers used in math are closed. they are N-sets & inadequate representations of our outer world. open numbers should be taught b

transcendental numbers are open numbers. these numbers contain an infinite number of approximations, including the closed rational numbers.

i never see just 1 thing, in anything. i see everything. this is a way of life & applicable in situations, since situations have symmetry.

pi (π) is, per definition, a relationship between two geometric distances – the circumference of the circle AND its diameter. but homie…

circles are just abstract geometric representations of waves. all closed circular motions are elliptical. word to Kepler. universal laws b.

transcendental numbers fill the gaps between the closed rational numbers along the continuum, allowing the “whole” energy to flow.

see…when you can view the universe with true eyes, down to the mathematical of everything surrounding you that you believe is physical…

…life takes on a different twist. the impossible is slightly more possible. what was unbelievable is a little more believable.

but if you’ve been taught an incorrect way to perceive & mathematically understand the universe, then you’re doomed to never see the light.

of course if i’m taught that 3 is just 3 and 7 is just 7 and 24 is just 24, etc., then i’m already limited to how i break things down & see.

but if i see the adjacency of other things existing alongside what i believe is reality, then my perception just widened. MUCH wider.

mathematical symbols (numbers) must contain themselves AND the “whole” as an element, if they are to truly represent universal laws.

because universal law affects all. not some objects, people & stuff. universal laws affect everything within the universe. me & you too lol

there are no gaps between the systems that are perceived at present as vacuum, or voids, in physics. all systems are open in nature.

you’re nature.

all energy interacts and affects all energy. therefore there is not just a single number. of any kind. that’s a closed set. closed minded.

the same principles of open numbers & sacred geometry is what “enlightened” individuals were able to apply, to do seemingly impossible stuff

Stonehenge is a clock, to an extent. an absorber of energies. it’s mathematically built with concentric circles. and U set math.

pyramids are built together in such a way that defies modern mathematics and physics. how do you think that is? it’s a different system used


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